Chemical Magic-Magical Microscopes-Rocks and Minerals

Camp Times

9:00 am - 12:00 pm


6 to 11 year olds


Rebecca Godfery

About the Camp

Chemical Magic - Magical Microscopes - Rocks and Minerals

Learn to make batteries from fruits or potatoes. Make a fantastic crystal tree.  Work with invisible ink.  See the happy and sad balls. Work with our powerful magnets.  Look at our prepared slides using our microscopes.  Learn about the different types of rocks and minerals from our interesting rock and mineral collection.  Be a chemical detective.  Make glob from glue. Use paper chromatography to separate colors. Make dirty pennies turn clean and clean pennies turn green.  Everything will be explained to you so you can go home having learned some interesting science.  Hands-on science is the best way to learn.  Do it the Sciensational way!  Ages 6 - 11

Camp Dates