Incredible Wall Hugging Mouse

Camp Times

9:00-12:00 noon


Ages 7 - 12


Rebecca Godfrey

About the Camp

Wow!  Join Sciensational Workshops and build your own wall hugging mouse robot which you can take home!!  When the bump sensor makes contact with the wall, a switch motor directs power to the left motor.  This simple behavior allows this incredible mouse to follow any vertical surface on the left.  You will see all of this amazing action after building your own!  Your mouse can be decorated with eyes, ears, and whisker stickers- orcreate and draw your own!  Learning through the inquiry method and STEAM based principles, you will also build other robots working in smaller groups.  Build a sumo wrestler, have tug of war events, and make the robots perfrom creative things for your group.  Robots in this portion of the workshop are not taken home.  Ages 7-12

Camp Dates