Arcade Electronics Galore

Camp Times

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Ages 7 - 12

About the Camp

Get ready to build and play your own arcade games and more. You will have at your disposal, resistors, switches, wires, LED diodes, transistors and more. Do not get overwhelmed. Building with electronics is fun.You will program the spinning light fan to display different sayings. Build and play a Home Run Derby game. See who gets the most home runs before getting 10 outs. A winning song will cheer. Build circuits to test your memory. Build an electronic circuit that plays the card game 21. You can learn to program the circuit board to emit different funky sounds. Play with the disco ball, sirens, or a light show. Learn the effects of the different electronic components. Learn what amps, volts, resistance and power are. Yes, this is Sciensational Workshops learn by doing. That is STEM. Ages 8 - 13

Camp Dates

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